Voonls18apr21Many leaders in PBB/GPS including ministers asked why should PBK fight when no chance of winning? Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) just have to fight the way PBK can. Although with very limited resources and manpower, PBK. still won't give up. It is big task and difficult mission for PBK and I hope the general public know the hearts of PBK in fighting for the people of Sarawak.


For Sarawak politics, the manifesto is "money", and you cannot move around without money. Elections in Sarawak, especially, in rural areas, it is about merrymaking. People prefer dancing and get drunk and talking about issues about politics and and how to move forward are not matters that could be understood by voters.

Voon8Nov2022Since MALAYSIA existed, the Sarawak government which was at all times, being controlled by PBB/BN/GPS had always been harping on improving and or providing better infrastructure to people in all elections, but, we hardly see much improvement of infrastructure for the people.Too many people remained poor.

Vls2023 1Leaders of PBB said their party is very strong and indefeateable in N67 Jepak. They are too strong that premier was so happy when only "ants" dared to contest against PBB/GPS.

VoonLSI was asked to raise the concern of Sarawakians of the possibility by the GPS government to turn the position of TYT Sarawak a Sultan. Technically, at the moment, Sarawak has no opposition voice in the DUN and with its full control of the Dewan Undangan Negeri, Sarawakians should not discount the possibility of GPS government, abuse its democratic power, to amend the Sarawak Constitution to turn the Head of State of Sarawak be called a Sultan.

VoonLeeShan PhotoThe Constitution allows the practice of democracy but by calling PBK not to contest in the Jepak By-election shows that PBB and GPS are moving towards dictatorship. They are in control of nearly all the 82 seats in DUN and with PSB merging with PDP soon, Sarawak will have no local party as mouth piece for the people of Sarawak.

Voon L SDuring the nomination for the Jepak By-election at Dewan Suarah Bintulu some PBB and GPS leaders thrown insult by calling Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) a mosquito/ant party and urge PBK to withdraw from contesting as it's a waste of money and time to contest.


The SARAWAK government on 19 May 2023 has in the press announced a proposal to issue a "Sarawakpass", which seems is a digital identification to replace mykad. This Sarawakpass digital ID will be used for various dealings with the government, public transport, payment, buying and selling and for various other daily affairs of the people.

The call by the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) chief whip, who is also the Deputy Prime Minster, Fadillah Yusof to suggest that the GPS candidate be allowed to walk free to retain the Jepak Seat unopposed in the state elections is “a way to kill democracy”. GPS at the moment is in control of the Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) and it was a nearly clean sweep in the last 12th Sarawak Elections.

VoonLSThe Kingdom of Sarawak was founded by Sir James Brooke and the Rajah never discriminated or classified people born in Sarawak as natives and non- natives. It was the Rajah Order 1920 that all natural born Sarawakians were natives and Sarawak government should maintain this.

VoonLSSabahans and Sarawakians have to examine statements made politicians and also a recent statement made by DPM Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi when they said Sabah and Sarawak are now accorded the status of regions and no more regarded as states in Malaysia – see World of Buzz January 13, 2023. It has to be made known to Sabahans and Sarawakians that Sabah and Sarawak were once countries independent from Malaya but was as a result of neo-colonialism engineered by the British to protect its interest in this region which at the same time engineered by the British to deny the rights of Sabah and Sarawak to gain independence by procedures laid down under the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514.

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