Vls11may2021GPS government is urged not to celebrate Merdeka Day come this 31 August, 2021. It has no significance at all for Sarawak and to celebrate Merdeka Day would be misleading Sarawakians.

Malaya gained independence from the United Kingdom on 31 August 1957 and 31 August is the independent day of Malaya and it has nothing to do with Sarawak. Like Malaya, Sarawak was a colony of the United Kingdom, but, Sarawak had never been given independence by United Kingdom until now.

If Sarawak celebrates Merdeka Day then Sarawak government under Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) is admitting Sarawak is a colony of Malaya. Sarawak together with Singapore and Sabah were given as gift to Malaya on 16 September 1963 to enlarge the territories of Malaya. Upon taking Sarawak, Singapore and Sabah as a gift, Malaya changed her name to Malaysia. Such acquisition by Malaya of Sarawak, Singapore and Sabah was against international law. Under international law and under United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514.Sarawak has the right to self-determination to decide her fate whether or not Sarawak wanted to be part of Malaysia. There was no referendum been held for Sarawak to determine this before Sarawak was handed by the British to Malaya.

Malaysia had never been colonized by any foreign country after it was formed on 16 September, 1963 and there is no reason for Malaysia to celebrate an independence day.

To celebrate Merdeka Day will increase the resentment of Sarawakians against Malaya and against the GPS government because it is not only misleading but it tells Sarawakians that Sarawak is indeed a colony of Malaya.

By Voon Lee Shan
Parti Bumi Kenyalang

22 August, 2021

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